The most nutritious and tasty food grown using as few resources and as little waste as possible


We're striving to minimise plastic packaging and are looking in to compostable and recyclable options.

But the best thing is to reuse, and we will offer a 10% discount for any customers who bring back packaging or provide their own.

Fish Feed

Whilst some fish farmers will tell you how great the Feed Conversion Ratio (how many kilos of feed it takes to produce one kilo of fish) is, they don't talk about the fish it takes to produce the feed. It can take 8 kilos of fish to produce one kilo of fish meal, often dredged unscrupulously from areas that rely on it as a food source.

We are looking for a more suitable feed, probably based on waste fed insects and algae, to replace the protein and nutrients otherwise derived from fish meal.

In the meantime, we will try to use the feed with the lowest Fish In Fish Out (FIFO) ratio.


We use energy to grow our plants and fish and the trend towards renewable energy is very exciting, especially as 2017 saw the first days the UK was powered without coal since the industrial revolution. We are looking to use renewable only energy suppliers.

We use our peak energy at night time, when the energy generated would otherwise be wasted.


10% of annual profits are to go towards introducing aquaponics to developing countries.

Based in an area with a developed tourism sector and a warm climate, we believe we can increase incomes and improve health by providing an affordable, clean, delicious source of protein, as well as a wealth of herbs that otherwise would be imported at great cost and close to zero local benefit.