We are constantly testing and developing the produce that we can offer, and are happy to take requests at no cost or obligation to buy. Please Ask!

You will be able to catch our produce in our farm, at markets or in restaurants.

Regular Herbs

The herbs you find in supermarkets, year round. Except they'll never know what a transport container is.




Speciality Herbs

As unworldly as their better known cousins, but more exciting. Some might have their hearts in far flung corners of the earth, but their roots are (now) here.

Red Veined Sorrel

Green Shiso

Red Shiso

Bi-coloured Shiso

Mashimori, Mitsuba

Regular Greens

What you expect in the summer, all year round.

Lettuce (multiple varieties)


Purple Sprouting Kale

Speciality Greens

You might not grow these in your garden.

White Stemmed Pak Choi

Mustard, Pizzo

Red Rubi Pak Choi

Current Development

A taste of what the future holds.

Regular Herbs

  • Chervil, Plain
  • Chives, Medium Leaved

Speciality Herbs

Regular Greens

  • Ivankar Lettuce
  • Little Gem Lettuce
  • Little Gem Coventry Lettuce
  • Lobjoits Green Cos Lettuce
  • Lollo Bionda Lettuce
  • Marvel of 4 Seasons Lettuce
  • Rougette de montpellier Lettuce
  • Saladin Lettuce
  • Lolla Rossa Lettuce Organic
  • Red Salad Bowl Lettuce
  • Red Salad Bowl Lettuce Organic

Speciality Greens


Edible Flowers